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A virtual CFO is someone who is an independent contractor who works as a CFO of a company. He manages the finances of that company to the best of his ability. Nandan, himself being a Chief Finance Officer for various companies for more than 10 years, can offer you a unique insight and a pathway into the world of CFOs and their methods of operation.

As he says,

“In schools and colleges, if you are not doing well, if you have issues that are hampering your understanding and affecting your productivity toward your goals, there are teachers, private coaching classes, etc. where you can go for help. In a real life situation, however, such kind of a help is hard to come by.”

This is where Nandan, Life Coach, comes into picture. Along with personal problems, Nandan has discovered over the years that a lot of the times, the root of all the problems is in tension and stress which is financial in nature. In such cases, Nandan is uniquely equipped to combine his acute financial acumen along with his experiential grasp of the human condition in order to bridge the gap and arrive at the right solution at the right time. He also takes a holistic view with respect to life, concentrating on family issues, work life balances, issues with children and parents, financial troubles and lack of communication with involved parties. This is what makes Nandan, an honest, hard-working, experienced man of the world, the perfect person to act as guide and a mentor to you; to help you deal with your problems and move forward for a bright, productive and happy future.

You can train someone with your academic qualifications, but to coach someone, you need life experiences!!

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