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Nandan is a financial expert and advisor. He strongly believes in the idiom- if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. Planning is an absolutely essential step in any activity and more so in the financial world. Nandan can help you build your financial empire. This involves a comprehensive evaluation of your current financial state assets and future needs. so that the financial planning can be done.

Nandan has achieved a certain level of financial independence and prosperity over the last 30 years of his career and hence has a firsthand experience of what works and what doesn’t. He will guide you on the basis of his own experience and not on the hearsay stories. As an independent financial counsellor and analyst, he can provide reliable answers to all your questions related to financial planning and management.

He applies his financial planning expertise and his own experience to planning and managing your resources. He recommends at least two options in each segment of financial planning. He also guides you and instructs you on how to make a sound investment decision yourself, rather than depending on an unknown person or institution to make it for you.

Nandan can provide a wide range of services such as:
General Finances:

In today’s increasingly complicated world of business and finance, it is important to manage your resources wisely and effectively. It doesn’t matter whether you’re just starting with your career, are an already established professional or a retired one, financial planning expert Nandan can help you plan accordingly.

Insurance Planning:

Insurance planning involves analyzing the kinds of insurance that are required to protect your assets Nandan can provide you with well-researched, secure insurance options for every requirement. Life, health, home, automobile to more complex insurance plans like public liability, marine, etc. whatever your prerequisite assets, Nandan can offer you the sound advice based on his experience.

Investment Planning:

In today’s market, making smart investments with your hard-earned money is the way to securing your future. Nandan can help you set your investment goals and give you sound financial advice on how to fulfil them. Shares, bonds, real estate, mutual funds and other securities- whether Indian market or the US market, Nandan can help you fulfil your dreams.

Asset Management:

Asset Management refers to the sustenance, maintenance and increment of the assets or resources of value to the client. Assets may be tangible, such as houses, buildings or other property, as well as intangible such as intellectual property, financial assets and capital. As a financial advisor, Nandan can counsel you on how to manage and maintain your assets.

Cash Flow Modelling:

Cash flow modelling is the process of mapping your income or inflow to your expenditure or outflow, in order to be able to visualize your finances in the present as well as in the future. As an individual, very few people prepare their cash flows for the next 24 months or so and spend accordingly. Nandan can help you build and manage your cash flow and optimize your savings and expenditure.

Retirement Planning:

It’s always best to have some of your hard-earned money set aside for a comfortable retirement. It allows you the financial security to live well and to do all those things you didn’t have time for before. Nandan can draw you up a plan to build your wealth so that you can maintain your life style post retirement even after your earning days are behind you.

Tax Advice: Paying all your taxes fully and regularly is not just your civic duty, but also an inalienable part of a working existence. Nandan can give you expert advice regarding taxation and tax benefits, to make your financial planning load a bit lighter.
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