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Nandan can provide a professional, financial training to people from every walk of life.

Some of the areas he covers are:

Professional Skills:

Training in Accounting, Business Administrations, Finance: 

Acquire all the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue a career in the world of business and finance, and train to become a skilled professional. Nandan has his own 2- day program called “How to be a good accountant?” for freshers who are stepping in the profession.

Fun with Finance
Nandan strongly believes that financial discipline has to be inculcated from the childhood. Also we as senior financial professionals manage millions of dollars of other’s money but when it is a question of managing your own money, we don’t have required skills. Hence Nandan does his “fun with finance” program with young minds. This is a three hour program for kids of 10+ year old. At times parents have attended the course with kids and have enjoyed it too.

Training would-be employees for job interviews:

Looking for a job? Learn the secrets of body language, dressing sense, conversational skills and general knowledge that can help you get a job in your preferred financial or business establishment. With an expert trainer like Nandan, groom yourself to reach the heights of your ambition in the business world.

Training young business owners (family business) to run your company:

A small but growing family business is the ideal vehicle for your business acumen to shine. Nandan can impart you the tools necessary to expand your operations and ensure its financial prosperity. More importantly, as an Owner or CEO of your business, he will guide you to concentrate on important matters than trivial things.

Coaching students at school and undergraduate or post graduate or professional exam- subjects like business, accounts, finance:

Learn the basics of finance and business early on in order to gain a head start over the competition. With finance expert Nandan, you can get a rare opportunity to learn from the best in the field of business.

Teaching finance to people with a non-finance background:

For all those who come from such diverse backgrounds as engineering, science or arts but desire to study and/ or have a career in the world of management and finance, Nandan can teach you from the Basics. With his expert assistance, you will be able to navigate your way through the business world with ease and skill.

Acting as Virtual CFO of the company:

A virtual CFO is someone who is an independent contractor who works as a CFO of a company. He manages the finances of that company to the best of his ability. Nandan, himself being a Chief Finance Officer for various companies for more than 10 years, can offer you a unique insight and a pathway into the world of CFOs and their methods of operation.

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