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Fun with Finance

Not understanding A B C of finance at the age of 30? Or even at the age 50?

Don’t worry!

That is Fun with Finance!

Designed for the kids in the age group of 10- 18.   Let the financial education begin at the early age irrespective of what career you are going to choose!

This is a 3 hour program where kids get to know the terms like cost, savings, investment, yield, etc. They are also taught good habits for food, exercise and investment!

Minimum 10 kids- Maximum 20 kids, parents are allowed to join the program at no extra fees.

If you have 10 kids in a building or family, I can come to your place to conduct the program.  I require only white board, if projector is there, it’s an additional tool.

How to be a good accountant?

You are a commerce graduate and still are not a good performer on the job?  You are not alone because our university graduation programs are not geared up to equip you to do a good job right on the first day.  You need the working experience.   You want to fast tracked that experience in two to three days?

Join the two day program “How to be a good accountant?”  Designed by Nandan who has worked with many organizations through various positions from an accountant to CFO.

There are total 16 modules and we keep on adding different modules to the program.

On the third day – which is optional- can learn the basics of Cash Flow and Financial Budgeting.

It’s packed with lot of exercises and formats.

Finance for Non- Finance Professionals

Finance is an integral part of our living irrespective of our profession. Even engineers and lawyers are taught finance, so why not you?

It’s a comprehensive program for four days making you understand the basics of finance to ratio analysis to risk management. We can select modules as per your requirements and program can trimmed to even one day.

At the end of the program, you will be well versed with basic and will start applying financial concepts to in your day to day life.

You must have minimum 5 candidates to gain maximum knowledge.

How to make money on Indian stock market?

Who doesn’t want to make money?  But does everybody make money in Stock Market?   Most of us have lost money in the stock market.  So why do people lose money in the stock market?

Do you want to learn the basic of Stock Market?

Join a 4 hour program and learn the basics. Don’t even get into the charting and indicators and what not. Stock market simplified!!!

You will learn the general strategy, see lots of data and understand the methodology

Learn Public speaking, group discussion and Interview skills

These are the basic skills required for every individual.  Moreover, there is no end to this education.   You may be speaking in public for whatever number of years and still there are thing to learn.

I come with totally different aspects of learning.  There are no boring lectures, no lengthy presentations; but only practice.  I make all the participants to speak once, twice and if time permits even many more times.

This a day long program with minimum 15 candidates so that everyone will get to chance and evaluate others. You must come with a prepared speech to learn more.

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